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 Elf Vs. Giant PvP

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Death Incarnate

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PostSubject: Elf Vs. Giant PvP   Tue Sep 15, 2009 9:51 am

I know that pvping is fun and all. However, we have been having trouble lately with other guilds.
So a majority of the guild have decided on a new rule.
This wasn't enforced before, but it will probably sound common to most that read this.
Our new rules regarding pvp is that do not ever start camping a person. This will make us look bad and similar to Derp. Plus camping people is no fun, it's easy to do once you have the upper hand. I want our members to feel free to participate in Elf vs. Giant pvp, however just do not camp the person or people that you are fighting.
The exception is that if you start getting camped, you are allowed to camp them till they give up. Or just camp them for a very long time and walk away.

Pvp is fun, but there is no need to camp. Once you kill the person you are fighting, just walk away a distance and load your icebolt or whatever. But do not run back and start camping them. Just shoot them down instantly if they follow you. This part of the rule is for dealing with "Randomers" those who randomly attack you when you have your pvp on.

We are trying to set an example, because it seems there are so many people on this server that accepts Derp's way of acting in PvP. Which is to camp a person to no end and call for more people to join in and outnumber one or 2 people.

I myself have been slowly making camping ice wands on my free time. (with stats of +2 chaincasting -12% mana usage) These wands are made to help you camp a person if it becomes extreme. I will distribute these wands to members slowly. These are for the future, I have only enough free time to make 1 chaincast wand a week. The chaincast wand will allow you to create 3 icebolt charges with only 1 mana in 2-1.5 secs (depending on your ice rank). It will also increase your range of icebolt. These wands are like our enforcement weapons. Smile

I have one myself, barely used. But I have used it once to overcome campers and it worked very good. 3 shots, enough to hold off atleast 2 people. Or a person and their pet, once you get practice and become good you will hold off more. This is given that the person does not have a wand or range attack. If they do, but you close in and take the upper hand, you will dominate them easily. Just make sure to always keep a pack of mana potions in your inventory. 30mana is enough for 30x3, which is 90 icebolt shots.

In the end, just have fun in the game. Call the guild for backup if you are getting camped, or do /logout if no one can come.
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Elf Vs. Giant PvP
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