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 Skills and how to get them.

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Rage Machine

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PostSubject: Skills and how to get them.   Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:16 am

Blue is for Details and how to obtain light blue is for skill names, red is for catergory. WILL NOT LIST BEGINNER SKILLS.


Combat Mastery :

Combat Mastery skill is an essential skill for more effective engagement in close-quarter combat. This skill is based on discipline of the body rather than knowledge. With high Combat Mastery skill, you deliver more powerful attacks than someone who is not using this skill. While this skill does not have fancy, conspicuous effects like other skills, it has an automatic, general effect in close-quarter combat.

A higher rank of this skill with increase both minimum and maximum damage, maximum HP, Strength, and Dexterity.

It also has the effect of raising the balance of melee attacks.

Combat Mastery builds only melee combat, and therefore does not affect Ranged or Magic skills and attacks.

How to Get :

Obtained Automaticly in beginning of game.


This skill enables you to fiercely charge at an enemy while protecting your vital points. You will receive less damage from long ranged bow and crossbow attacks, and will not be knocked down. This skill cannot block magic from long ranged attacks. Upon approaching a target, this skill forcefully hits and pushes back the target, causing it to temporarily lose consciousness.

Humans and Elves must have a Shield equipped in order to use this skill. Giants, however, may use it even without any equipment (but giants cannot use Charge with an Atlatl equipped).

A Cooking Table or a Cooking Pot will also work. Books, however, will not work.

Once activated, the user must click on the intended target. The character will then face the enemy, quickly charge at it, and knock it back with one strong blow.

The enemy will be temporarily stunned unable to prepare any skills. The player may use this opportunity to prepare another attack. However, Charge has a cool-down time, so it may not be used in succession.

The stun effect lasts long enough to allow weapon switching.

The skill has a minimum range, meaning it can't be used if you're too close to the target.

The user will take reduced damage from projectiles while charging. Ranged Attacks, including Magnum Shot, will not stop the user's charge.

However, if the user takes enough damage to be put into Deadly Status, the charge will be interrupted.
Magic attacks, normal attacks, and Counterattack will stop the charge.

Charge deals barehanded damage and thus does not give weapon proficiency.

However, it does give shield proficiency in the same way as using Defense over and over.

Charge has a cool-down of 10 seconds after use, however if the player loads the skill and decides to cancel it without using the skill, the 10 second cool-down does not apply and the user can reload the skill immediately.

Charge can be loaded while the following skills are in their animation phase.

How to Get it:

Talk to Waboka in Cor about skills, He will give you a 2x1 quest scroll. Complete the quest, which requires you to kill 30 Hobgoblins within 3 1/2 in-game days. Talk to Waboka after you have completed the quest to receive the skill. (TIMED QUEST)

Final Hit (humans only)

The final hit is an attack skill that is most effective in melee combat which brings down the enemy with crazed force that pushes the body's strength to the limits. You can defeat the enemy by instantaneously moving in the speed of a sword in the air, which allows you to keep swinging your sword even when you are under attack by the enemy as long as you are holding the sword in both hands. If you are holding a weapon in just one hand, you will be able to blow away your enemy with a single swing in the air.

Human-only skill.
While the skill is active, the user will be able to teleport around freely within range and conduct an endless attack.
The user may only teleport by targeting, not by clicking freely as in Final Shot. Therefore, they may only teleport within hitting range of monsters.
You cannot use potions or items while the skill is active.
However, if the user has drunk an Elixir prior to the use of Final Hit, the Elixir's effects will still be valid.
The user cannot move while preparing the skill.
The user cannot be knocked-down, only stunned, when using this skill.

How to Get it:

Talk to Aodhan in Emain Macha about "Skills" while Dual Wielding. He will give you the keyword "Twin Sword".

Talk to Nicca with the keyword "Twin Sword". He will give you a Quest Scroll (size: 2x2). Make sure you have enough room for it, or he won't give it to you.

You can not have any other quests to learn other skills (Such as Arrow Revolver or Fireball) or Nicca will not let you start the quest.

The Quest conditions involve:
Sketch a Statue that is holding two swords, and give the sketch to Nicca.
The statue is found via Exploration somewhere on the mesa that contains the sun landmark in Rano (the north end of Kaypi Canyon). Its exact location is randomized.
Nicca will give you a fragment of a statue, which you must use to enter a special version of Karu Forest Dungeon.
You can bring a party with you to clear it.
However, only you will advance in the quest as a result. The other party members will still get the chest at the end, but they won't advance in the Final Hit quest -- only the leader will.
Report to Nicca once you've cleared it.
Sketch a Glowing Statue that is holding two swords. It is the exact same statue as you had to sketch before (the one holding two swords), but because of thunderstorm it glows.
Once you sketch the statue, or buy the sketch, talk to Nicca.
The statue is again found via Exploration somewhere on the mesa that contains the sun landmark in Rano. Its exact location is randomized.
This requires the weather in the Rano region to be thunderstorming (100% rain), which occurs approximately once per real day. .
The sketch can be traded and/or bought from other players.
Give the sketch to Nicca, and then use the relic he gives you to enter a special version of Maiz Prairie Dungeon.
You may and will most likely need to bring a party.
However, you must be the party leader in order to meet the quest requirement.
Only you as the party leader will advance in the quest as a result.
The other party members will still get the chest at the end, but they won't advance in the Final Hit quest.
Make sure that you stock up on anything that you will need because the dungeon is difficult.
After completing the Quest, you will be awarded with the Final Hit skill.

list of unlisted (common beginner skills)
Counter Attack
Critical Hit (passive)
Sharp Mind (passive)
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Rage Machine

Posts : 128
Contribution : 3754
Join date : 2009-06-23
Location : Bullet in a Revolver

PostSubject: RANGE SKILLS   Tue Aug 18, 2009 4:19 am

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Skills and how to get them.
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